Our Coaches

Our Coaches

Our goal at CrossFit 970 is to give you the very best in CrossFit training in Northern Colorado. Therefore, we only hire the best. Each of our coaches offers something unique, and has their own personal training style, but there are a few things they all have in common: extensive experience, fierce dedication to results, and a passion for helping people better themselves.


Brandon Welton

Owner, Coach

  • CF-L1
  • Strength Specific Seminar

Brandon Welton has been an outdoor sports and health enthusiast his entire life. He began racing BMX in his youth and raced motorcycles professionally in his twenties. In 2008 after searching for an alternative to the globo gym routine he found CrossFit and never looked back. In 2010 Brandon received his CrossFit Level 1 Certificate. He enjoys the constant challenges and positive results that CrossFit provides. He is dedicated to sharing the CrossFit challenge and healthy lifestyle with everyone he meets. When he isn’t doing CrossFit, Brandon stays busy with his family riding mountain bikes, motocross, jetskis, and snowmobiles.


Steve Ewing

Owner, Coach

  • CF-L1
  • CrossFit Scaling
  • CrossFit Spot The Flaw Course
  • CrossFit Aerobic Capacity
  • Burgener Strength Weightlifting L1

I started CrossFit in 2011 as one of the founding members of CrossFit 970. Soon after beginning CrossFit, I was intrigued by the thought of obtaining my CrossFit Level 1 Certificate because CrossFit was becoming a passion of mine. The thought of being able to teach and help others was a driving force behind my desire to coach and the reason I obtained my Level 1 in 2015. I have a background as a multiple sport athlete (football, basketball, track) and training has always been a part of my life. Being a “Masters” level athlete, I feel I can relate to my classes and understand the different level of fitness and athleticism each individual member brings to the table. I combine patience, knowledge and just a little bit of humor to each class I coach. There is no better feeling than being a part of the many special moments of achievement in every athlete I am lucky enough to coach.


Ryan Barber

Owner, Coach

  • CF-L3
  • CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Certificate Holder
  • CrossFit Aerobic Capacity
  • CrossFit Gymnastics

I have been doing CrossFit since 2011, and fell in love with the competitive atmosphere of the gym. I had played hockey for the majority of my life on many travel teams at the AA level. It was not until the Summer of 2015 that I started training for competitions and found that I loved the sport of CrossFit. CrossFit has affected my life in many positive ways and I would not be the person I am today without it.

I acquired my Level 1 CrossFit Certification in July of 2016. I continued my education in 2017 with my CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting certificate and taking my L-2 Course in August. Coaching has been a dream of mine since I started CrossFit. As a coach, my mission is to help you determine your goals whether that is to move more weight, dial in your nutrition, or become an overall better athlete.


Lyndsey Lewis


  • CF-L3
  • Burgener Strength Weightlifting L1

Lyndsey has been a life-long athlete, and as a cross country skier, she competed in Junior Nationals, and multiple Senior National Competitions. She went on to become a competitive NCAA Division 1 skier at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota. She’s always loved competing, growing, and pushing herself and others to win.

She’s always had a passion for seeing people reach their full potential, and so coaching has been a natural fit. Lyndsey coached high school skiing, soccer, and track, and was a high school Math teacher locally for 4 years, before she and Jobe started making a basketball team.

Lyndsey found Crossfit in 2010 and was hooked. It combined many of the elements she loved as a collegiate athlete; camaraderie, competition, personal growth, helping others achieve more. She became a Level 1 Crossfit trainer in 2012 and then went on to get her Level 2 certification in 2017. She offers more than 9 years of coaching experience with 5 of those being at a crossfit affiliate. Seeing others exceed their own expectations and pushing beyond their limitations is a huge motivator for her.

Lyndsey also founded and runs a boutique photography studio – LyndseyLew Photography, which is one of the top newborn and family photography studios in Northern Colorado. She’s been married to her husband Jobe for 16 years, and they have 4 rambunctious boys.


Kallie Petrie

Coach / ATC


I have been doing CrossFit since 2012 and have been a member of CrossFit 970 since I started. I became a part of the coaching staff here in 2016 after I received my L1. I love the community of this gym as well as the daily push from the workouts.

I am currently employed by Orthopedic & Spine Center of the Rockies as an Athletic Trainer and am contracted out to Windsor High School where I work with their athletes.

I have two wild boys whom you will usually see with me whenever I am at the gym.


LaRae Sehr

Coach & Physical Therapist

  • CF-L2
  • CrossFit Masters
  • CrossFit Spot The Flaw
  • CrossFit Scaling
  • CrossFit Gymnastics
  • Burgener Strength Weightlifting L1

My CrossFit experience began in 2013. A friend encouraged me to check it out after being unable to shake nagging injuries from long distance running. My workouts desperately needed a change. It didn’t take long before I was hooked. I still remember when I first transitioned from the training bar to the 35# bar in a WOD – I was so scared to lift that much!

In the summer of 2018, I decided to pursue the Level 1 training. My goals were primarily to better myself and to gain a greater understanding of the technical components to the gymnastic movements and lifts.

What I love about CrossFit is the infinite ways the workouts can be modified to accommodate all levels of fitness, ages, abilities, and of course the people! What would I do without the friends and antics of the 5:30 am class? The ability to improve physical fitness, to push mental boundaries, and to create community all at once is what defines CrossFit for me.

I definitely have a soft spot for us Masters athletes! To be running, rowing, lifting, pulling and pushing more than I could in my 20’s is enormous motivation in my ongoing journey of health, wellness and fitness. In CrossFit, there is never an “end” – we can always become stronger, faster and more efficient.

Outside of CrossFit, I am an avid tennis player and physical therapist/owner of Crossroads Physical Therapy.


Peter Dupont



Most men my age and a bit younger go through what Americans call a midlife crisis. Now depending on who you ask, this can manifest itself as youthful acts of independence or stupidity and maybe spontaneous motorsports buying sprees. Well in my case it has taken the form of a healthy addiction to the new and competitive sport of CrossFit.

I started CrossFit 8 years ago at a small Box in the mountains. The ironic fact is that I had no desire to be a part of the CrossFit culture but my wife gave me a push into the sport and after my first few classes I was hooked. Not long after I started at the gym it was into the OPEN season and we all were encouraged to sign up and give it our best shot. Well that’s about all it took for me to get hooked on the competitive side of CrossFit. Years later, after a lot of work and coaching from the CrossFit 970 staff, I had the best competitive season in 2019 with several local podium finishes, a 115 place finish in the worldwide OPEN and a 19th finish in the online regionals – only 9 spots away from the Big Show at the CrossFit games. I have never had as much fun with competition since my school sports days.

With this new found love for the competitive side of the sport I started to spend countless hours in the gym and even built out a full home gym so I would never miss a workout. Some may say healthy, others may say over the top, my wife uses the word “obsessed.” Needless to say, I was all in and loving life. However, it became apparent through my over training that I need some better guidelines and teaching so I looked to the CrossFit Level 1 program for some help. It did just that by helping me better understand the fundamentals of everything about the sport.

I am now equipped with some great teaching tools and a background in everything people oriented. With this knowledge I am committed to helping new athletes be introduced to the sport safely and properly and to help develop our seasoned athletes into better performing athletes.


Tayler Patterson



I grew up in the middle of nowhere in Walden, CO. I’ve always been passionate about sports and athletics and grew up playing volleyball and basketball. I earned a half ride scholarship on each sport to play for a college in IL.

When I came back to Colorado in 2015 I discovered CrossFit. I initially joined to “stay in shape” for volleyball season and quickly realized I was in nowhere as good of shape as I thought. Right away I was hooked. I have been an L1 coach since 2017. It was also in 2017 that I discovered there was a whole competitive season behind the sport and I wanted in. I’ve been working to compete at a high level since. After training at 970 for almost a year and working with Steve, I finally qualified for my first sanctioned event as an Individual elite woman.

Outside of CrossFit I have been a career Firefighter/EMT since 2017. I now work for an awesome department, Brighton Fire Rescue, and have been there since August of 2019.

I am a health/fitness/nutrition nerd and love to talk about it all! I’m passionate about my sport and both of my jobs and love to teach about both of them any chance I get. I enjoy being around people; coaching has been one of my favorite things to do since I started and it has become a core piece of my life in many other ways.

I am so excited to be an official part of the 970 squad and can’t wait to see what’s next.


Stacey Keeton



Stacey has enjoyed athletics and challenging herself all of her life. In high school, she found powerlifting and loved discovering her strength and building muscles. In her 20’s, she competed in three natural bodybuilding competitions. When her daughters were young she started running in the early mornings or at lunch for the convenience of the workout, but the gym and weights have always been her favorite. Stacey found CrossFit in 2012 and fell in love with the variety of movements and workouts and the ability to always learn, improve and push herself. In 2013, she became an L-1 trainer and in 2018 obtained her L-2.

Stacey has competed as a masters athlete in local and regional CrossFit competitions and enjoys sharing her experience and coaching to help others improve their athletic skills in CrossFit or any area they are looking to develop. Barbell movements are her favorite – bench press, snatch, clean and jerk, in that order.

Stacey has two daughters and is married to Tim. They enjoy riding their motorcycles, traveling and playing with their dogs when not at 970.


Jeff Smith



I am a husband, a father, a mentor, and a student of life. My day job, is a Sergeant at Greeley Police Department, of which I have served 18 years as well as being on the SWAT entry team for 15 years. I love my job but it doesn’t define who I am.

I found CrossFit back in 2012. I immediately fell in love with the community, family, support, and the sport of CrossFit! I started coaching about nine years ago and I am currently a Level-2 trainer. I’ve been to countless competitions and functions as an athlete, coach, spectator, and fan. As much as I enjoy have some success on my own, by far the most rewarding thing for me is helping someone achieve something they never thought they could.

I made the move to CrossFit 970 in 2021, and it has been a wonderful experience. I’ve been overjoyed with meeting so many amazing people, making new friendships, and encouraging others to find their drive for fitness through CrossFit. I am excited about the future of 970 and feel blessed to be a part of it.


Meg Yoakley



I'm originally from Knoxville, TN. I'm an equine veterinary technician, so my life is pretty active. I grew up playing as many sports as possible. I grew up playing hockey, tennis, softball, and mostly soccer.

In 2015, I was just about to graduate college and had finished playing club soccer when the first crossfit gym opened in Knoxville. I didn't have the slightest clue how to be active outside of sports and was willing to try something new to keep me in shape, and competitive. I joined after my first class and honestly, haven't looked back.

About 3 years into my crossfit career, my gym owner at the time, offered to pay for my L1 in lieu of coaching and working off the payment, I was honored. I've been coaching for almost 7 years now. I got my L2 in 2022 and coaching has been one of my favorite things to do.

I joined 970 in the summer of 2022 and have welcomed the gym as a large part of my life. I recently became the "On-Ramp" (aka introductory) coach for 970 and couldn't love it more. A lot of the people I have the privilege of providing On-Ramp courses for, have little to no crossfit knowledge. They walk into my class a little afraid and apprehensive and genuinely leave feeling empowered and excited for what's to come. That's my favorite part of crossfit, it always leaves you better than when you walked in the door, and I get to play a small part.

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Aaron Van Leeuwen



I’ve been doing CrossFit for 11 years, 3 years at CrossFit 970.

By becoming a coach I saw an opportunity to give back to the community and gym that I value so much, and to be a bigger part of the mission and vision of CrossFit 970. This also allows me to gain more knowledge of the sport and to share with others.

Outside of the gym I enjoy spending time with my wife, Lindsey, and two kids, Zach and Ellie. We do a lot of camping in the summer and skiing during the winter. For work I am a Firefighter/Paramedic in Arvada and have been there for 12 years.


Krista Harty

Membership Coordinator

I started CrossFit back in 2014 after finishing my first half marathon with no direction of what was next. My husband Mitch started CrossFit several months before me and thought I should give it a try once I was done training. Now, I am 8+ years into CrossFit and I am in the best shape of my life. More importantly, my family and I have made lasting friendships and the gym truly is our second home.

I worked in Cardiac Rehab for 5 years prior to becoming a stay-at-home mom of 2 young boys which is now my full-time job! It is my joy and privilege to help CrossFit 970 by managing memberships and other administrative needs.