Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching

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Nutrition Coaching

I don’t want you to gain the weight back but I do want you to feel good, be able to eat without guilt and thrive in life. Not just survive. So I always encourage my clients to commit to at least 3 months, to really give this thing a shot but there is NO MINIMUM COMMITMENT.

Nutrition Coaching And Pricing:

Nutrition coaching is currently being offered through Tayler Patterson – PN1 (Precision Nutrition Level 1)

My approach to coaching nutrition generally always starts with what’s called “tracking your macros”. All that means is we break down a calorie range that is right for you, based on your height, weight, age, and activity level and then dial that in for you so it’s genuinely personalized. That set of calories is broken down into 3 main categories of MACRONUTRIENTS, hence the term “macros”!

These macronutrients are Protein, Carbs, and Fat. Put simply these are the 3 main categories that make up your overall calorie intake. So it’s kind of like the old school thought of counting calories but much more dialed in, much more personalized and way more freedom.

My goal with coaching people to track their macros is always to “teach a man to fish”. My goal is to show you what your daily intake SHOULD look like and get you to see how much of each macro you should be getting every day to both feel and look good. So that when we are done working together, you will be able to eat every day with a general idea of what each meal should look like, what foods you should prioritize and still be able to eat all the foods you enjoy without feeling guilty.

What Does This Look Like & How Much Does This Cost?

If you choose to move forward and sign up with me you’ll first get a Google sheet called an “intake sheet”. This will be compiled of basic info I need to know about you to help set you up for success.

You’ll also choose your preferred contact method. From there you’ll be getting full access to me. You’ll be able to reach out whenever you have questions, need help, need a little pep talk or maybe even some tough love. You’ll have a check in day once a week, where we really dial in your numbers and chat about what went well, what you struggled with, things you didn’t understand, or just stuff you were proud of!

You’ll receive a “check in sheet” where all of our data is in one spot and so we can reference on your check in day and have hard data to make sure we heading in the right direction.

You’ll also get weekly emails that you can almost consider a newsletter of “hot topics” or common themes I come across with many of my clients or even industry facts and foes.

I charge $200/month for all this.

The important thing I try to make sure I get across to all my clients is that this isn’t a quick fix diet.

I’m not trying to get you to drop 15lbs in one week or two weeks or even a month. The goal with this style of coaching is slow, SUSTAINABLE, weight loss.