Workout Of The Day


3 Rounds

3 "Bear Complex" (95/65)(155/105)

50 Double Unders

Immediately into 

Max Rep Bear Complex (95/65)(155/105)

"Bear Complex" is:  1 Power Clean + 1 Front Squat + 1 Jerk + 1 Back Squat + 1 Jerk.  These movements can be blended to look like a cluster,  to back squat, to back rack jerk.  After the back rack jerk you must bring the bar back to the ground (without resting on the ground) to begin the next set of the complex.  


The traditional Bear Complex is 7 rounds of the barbell movements.  Although the Bear Complex isn't normally done as a "for time" WOD, we are doing the three rounds for time today as we want to emphasize the barbell conditioning aspect of these movements.  

The weight you choose should be something you can get all three rounds done while leaving a little in the tank to finish the WOD with a "not for time" max rep complex.  

Grip will be something to deal with as the reps of this complex add up.  Stay relaxed on the double unders with a light grip on the rope handles.  This will help to preserve the grip.  


4 Rounds For Time

200 Meter Run

20 Wall Ball (20/14)

15 T2B

Great day to get out and run a little bit.  This is one where you want to try to get all rounds of wall balls unbroken or if you have to break them, break into two sets.  

15 T2B will be a challenge, especially in the later rounds.  Consider pushing these today as you have a run after to recover a little. 


9:00am WOD

Today we are going to have a little fun with one of the CrossFit Games Age Group Qualifier WODS.  

We are doing the third WOD in the Qualifier.  

Don't worry about the workload here.  We are giving you the choice to do this with a partner if you want, OR you can tackle this one solo.  Either way, this will be a fun Saturday WOD.

20 Min AMRAP

50 Wall Balls (20/14)

100 DU

50 Foot HS Walk

100 DU

50 Cal Row

100 DU

50 Foot HS Walk

MOD for HS Walk will be bear crawl.  MOD for DU will be 150 Singles



1000M Row

50 Thrusters (45/35)

30 Pull Ups

15 Minute Time Cap

 "Jackie," one of the classic CrossFit Girl WODs, was originally posted on as the workout of the day for Friday March 6, 2009.

Some considered the prescribed (Rx) bar weight for both men and women to be 45 lb. This was due in part to the fact that when the workout was first posted in 2009 CrossFit did not post male and female Rx weights separately (they posted only one prescribed weight for most workouts at that time). 


500M Row

Lighter Thruster (a weight you could do 25 time unbroken)

Banded Pull Ups

Tips:  Don't get out hot on the row!  The WOD won't be won here, but it can be lost.  Pace should be a moderate pace that will allow you to get off the rower and start working on the thrusters.  

For the thrusters, if you are going to break them up, consider a break AFTER 26 reps.  

Do your pull ups in manageable  sets.  Ideally, 15 reps to start is a good number to strive for. This is the last part of the WOD so push the pace here if you can.  


Partner WOD

In 15 Minutes Complete:

2 Mile Run

200 Double Unders

100 Power Cleans (95/65)(135/95)

75 Burpee To Plate

In this partner WOD, both partners can be working at the same time to accumulate reps.  You will have one bar, and one plate for your burpees.  You will each have a jump rope and if you do your runs at the same time, EACH meter you run counts for 2 meters.  

Strategy is as important here as the actual work so think through this one. 

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